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Why It Matters

Many people live in a different city than their aging parents.  Others are managing their own lives, working or raising kids.  As a result, many seniors have a limited social support system.  They feel irrelevant to the social fabric and are lonely.

Social needs are just as important as medical conditions.  Studies show that loneliness has health risks.  It can be the equivalent of smoking 15 cigarettes a day and is twice as harmful as obesity.

Keep your aging parent socially connected!  Find an Amia Friend to visit with your loved one.

Plus, you’ll have priceless peace of mind, knowing a second set of eyes and ears is checking on your aging parent.

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The powerfully positive effect of socializing

Lower rates of heart disease

Lower blood pressure

Improved brain health and lower rates of cognitive decline

Less abnormal inflammatory reaction to stress

Improved immune system, fewer or shorter illnesses

How It Works For Friends
How It Works For Families