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How it Works for Friends

The highest quality network of compassionate companions in the country

Sign up

To start providing needed social interaction to Elders

Go Through Our Checklist

We’ve made it easy to understand all the requirements.  After you sign up, just follow the checklist.

Start Earning

Once your profile is approved, you can start to engage with Families that reach out to you.

What Amia Friends Are Saying

“I truly enjoy our visit. My visits with M reminded me of cherished visits with my mother. So precious. Thank you so much for the opportunity to meet an incredible 101-year old vibrant woman. It was an honor! I will love visiting with her again!

JoC, Friend with Amia

“Amia is great. They followed-up with me personally and are adamant that I should enjoy my experience as a Friend. They responded to every question I had.  Their website is very helpful, too.

Giancarlo, Amia Friend

“As I was leaving, M said that she was honored that I came to spend time with her — the honor was mine.

Terri, Friend with Amia

How to Be a Friend

Friends visit with seniors and focus exclusively on social and emotional interactions for elders.
Friends do not provide any physical care.

Sign Up

No previous experience required. Set your own schedule and hourly rate.

Run A Background Check

You must pass the background check to post a profile. You pay ($19.95) for the background check.  SentryLink will send it directly to Amia.

Create Your Profile

We know you are amazing! Tell us about yourself. Add a photo and short video. Families search the profiles to find a good match for their loved ones.

Go through the Amia Orientation

The orientation will teach you to connect with elders by giving you ideas, suggestions, guidelines, and requirements for visits.

Get Hired

Interview with families online.  Get hired. Families schedule visits for their Loved One through your profile calendar.

Visit with the Elder

Make a difference in the day of a lonely elder! Plus, it’s fun. Provide conversation, social connection, and activities.

Submit a Visit Report

Tell the Family about the visit and their Loved One through our Visit Report.

Get Paid

Families pay you directly through Stripe.    How cool is that!

Visit with the Elder Again

Make long-term connections with the Elders and the Family.