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Stacey Zwirn
I am a fun, outgoing and carrying individual who loves learning about others.
My Interests and Hobbies: I love to crochet, dance, gardening, spend time with my loved ones, including my dog, and more
Languages: English
Holly Shure
No elder should feel lonely or isolated.
Languages: Japanese
Mike Krandall
I really enjoy talking with seniors. They have such great stories and jokes!
My Interests and Hobbies: Gardening
Marjorie Brinton
I like to run, bike, swim, ski, hike and just generally be in the outdoors. I also am passionate about music and play the guitar and drums. In my quieter moments I like to read and do crossword puzzles and I love to watch good movies.
Lori Benefiel
I'm a professor at Fort Lewis in Pyschology. Previously, I provided discharge planning and crisis counseling to the elderly. I love the wisdom the elderly share - what a bonus!
My Interests and Hobbies: My hobbies include singing, dancing, crafts and playing with my dachshund Ruby.
Languages: english
Jo C Soignier
I have always held a deep respect and reverence for elders and have enjoyed working with them throughout my teaching career.
My Interests and Hobbies: Travel, reading, meditation, spiritual study, hiking, skiing, biking, camping and exercise.
Languages: English
Terri Anderson
I enjoy working with elders and find it to be very rewarding. There is a great need in our community for this type of service.
My Interests and Hobbies: Workout, Walk, Ski, Read, Camp, Knit/Crochet, Spend time with my family
Languages: English
Kathy Pierson
I am a retired teacher, wife and mother of two wonderful kids. I enjoy outdoor recreation, I love to read and travel.
My Interests and Hobbies: I like to read and being active-trail running, biking, skiing, and camping with my family and dog. Now that I am retired I hope to develop other hobbies and travel some too.
Languages: English, Spanish (I'm trying to learn)
Geno Mapelli
Providing companion care and handyman services to elders.
My Interests and Hobbies: Reading
Sara Barnes
I'm observant, open-minded, an active listener, and respectful.
My Interests and Hobbies: I enjoy horses and horse back riding is my favorite sport. I also have dogs, cats, and a donkey. I enjoy the outdoors and walk with my dogs almost every day. Reading is another favorite of mine, whether books or tapes. My husband and I are both animal lovers. My friends and family are very important. I enjoy learning and finding out new things about myself and others.
Languages: English
Nathan Friend Beck
A fun, caring and compassionate provider that focuses on the needs of my elder friends.
My Interests and Hobbies: Hiking, Card Games, Puzzles and Other Stuff
Languages: Spanish, English, French