FAQ for Friends

Do I pay for my own background check?

Yes, Friends pay $19.95 to SentryLink for their own background checks.  The background check creates the safest environment for Elders and peace of mind for the Families.

How do I get hired to visit with elders?  How do I get paid?

The family hires and pays the Friend for visits.  Once your Friend profile is approved and published by Amia, families can review your profile.  They will send you a message if they would like an online interview with you.  If the family wants to hire you, they will send you a hire request through the website.  After you’ve visited with the elder and sent the visit report, the family will pay you through the Amia site.

What are the steps to become an Amia Friend?

We welcome you to become an Amia Friend!  Here are the steps:

  1. Register
  2. Sign the Amia contract.
  3. Setup your Amia profile, including setting up a Stripe account to receive payments.
  4. Run a national background check and have SentryLink share it with Amia.
  5. Interview with Amia online, and we’ll contact your references.
  6. Complete the Amia Orientation.

You can complete these tasks at your own pace.  Let us know if you have any questions: (970) 426-5880 or Support@AmiaFriends.com

Is there any training or certification required to be a Friend?

Amia requires that Friends complete the Orientation.  The Orientation covers Amia’s methodology for visits and boundaries for the visits.  Being a Friend does not require state certification.

Are Friends employees of Amia?

No.  Friends are self-employed and are selected and paid by families.  Amia does not hire or pay Friends.

How much money will I make per hour, after I’ve visited with an Elder? 

The hourly rate is split between the Friend and Amia based on the chart below.  We’ve set the minimum hourly rate at $25, but you have the option to charge more per hour.  Use the chart below to see how much a Friend will receive per hour for each rate.

   Hourly Rate    Friend     Amia
       $25.00    $20.00     $5.00
       $30.00    $24.00     $6.00
       $35.00    $28.00     $7.00
       $40.00    $32.00     $8.00
       $45.00    $36.00     $9.00
       $50.00    $40.00     $10.00
       $55.00    $44.00     $11.00
       $60.00    $48.00     $12.00

Contact us, if you are charging an hourly rate not listed here and we’ll tell you the split.

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