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Amia’s Mission

Keep elders socially connected, honored, and seen.

The current model of caring for our older population is causing an epidemic of social isolation.   Our elderly frequently lose connections to friends and community as they age. Families are often caught in the web of competing concerns – raising kids, working, trying to care for parents living in another city.  Consequently, our elders suffer from limited social support systems.

How Amia Started

Holly was inspired to create Amia ~ Friends for Elders after witnessing the negative impact social isolation had on her grandma.  As she aged, Grandma’s physical decline limited her ability to visit with friends.  Holly’s family lived in a different state making it difficult to care for Grandma’s social and emotional needs.  As a result, Grandma became lonely and depressed.  No one should be in that position!

Amia is honored to support families and their aging loved ones by providing social interaction and emotional engagement through Amia Friends.

Amia is a 2016 graduate of the Southwest Colorado Accelerator Program for Entrepreneurs (SCAPE) program (goscape.org).

Contact Information

We’d love to hear from you!

(970) 426-5880 | Info@AmiaFriends.com |777 Main Avenue, Suite 222 | Durango,  CO  81301